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Life is hard, sometimes you just want to run away and never come back.”

When I was a little girl I envision my adulthood a little different. I thought I would be a successful lawyer with a pimping ride, the latest trends and a house with the white picket fence, the greener than green grass a pet and the most beautiful garden with roses and tulips. But I’m almost 30 and I only have maybe two out of all I have mentioned. Ive struggled most of my teens years and continue to struggle but when I look at these beautiful faces staring back at me I understand the struggle is well worth it. My girls complete me, they give me the strength I need continue, the smile which is sometimes absent, the adventure to keep my soul alive, the courage to overcome most things, the laughter to ticket my soul, the honest truth to waken me up. So with that said I don’t mind not having what I envisioned I would at this age because I have been blessed with the most beautiful and adoring human being in this world. My girls ❤