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“The older I get the more in peace i want to be” Me

During the past couple of years Ive found myself saying this more and more. I’m close to hitting 30 and Ive struggled since my teenage years, so i think its time for me to just be at peace, be happy. At first it was so hard for me to just be happy any little thing would just upset me, i would let people get to me. I used to look at “happy” people and ask “how is it possible to be so god darn happy all the time” well during the last year and a half a serious of events opened my eyes to the world. I saw everything clearer, its like finally putting glasses on. The only way to be happy all the time is to just don’t sweat the small stuff. Some people are dieing, some don’t have a roof over their heads, some have no family, some are looking at their growling stomach because they haven’t ate for days wondering when will be their next meal, others are fighting a deadly disease…so why should I sweat the small stuff when others are at their worse. I have the essentials and sometimes a little more. My happiness influences all my relationships, with my husband, with my kids, with my family and even friends. So no matter how bad things are I always smile because I am here and alive. That little smile keeps me going, it reminds me that’s its a trickle effect… a smile brings happiness» happiness brings peace without that life sucks and you become a grouch and miss all the great times in life.