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You keep me grounded.
I don’t need to fight battles on my own anymore.
I don’t have to pretend to be something in not with you.
We could laugh for hours.
We hate the same things.
I finish your sentences.
We don’t have to fight for the remote, we watch the same things.
You gave me two beautiful girls.
You are the first to say peace in a heated discussion.
You teach me things I didn’t know.
We tell each other secrets.
No matter how crazy I look you still want to bang me.
You tell me the truth even if it hurts.
You make me want to be a better person.
No matter how much we argue we fight to make it work.
You said I inspire you to become better.
You make the best barbecue.
When I kiss you I still feel butterflies.
You give me the space I need.
You give the best full body massage.
You are the strict parent, so I could be the lenient one.
We’ve been friends for so many years.
You can tell when somethings wrong.
When I was diagnosed with something bad you assured me everything would be ok.
When I get really sick you take over.
You feed me positivity.
You smell good.
You like to dress nice.
You are my biggest critic.
You like my family even if they have said mean things about you.
Most if the time you wont tell me ‘told ya so’.
I like that you don’t give 3efs if people like or don’t like you.