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Married in 1948

Growing up I always saw all the Disney movies were about a happy ending usually about true love. I’ve been a helpless romantic as long I could remember. I always told myself I would marry and be in love forever and have the perfect marriage. I pictured days where I would come home and as I walked through the front door my husband would sweep me off my feet and kiss me. We would have long days kissing and laughing and carless free nights no fighting you know just like the happy ending. Boy was I wrong. Marriage is not as easy as I thought it would be its hard work and much compromising. Yes there will be worry free days but nothing like I pictured it when I was a kid. So when I was at a point in my marriage where I thought it was almost the end, I looked for advice and read books but it wasnt till I visited my grandmother at my darkest time that I was enlightened. My grandmother was sitting in her rocking chair and my grandfather beside her. We were all hanging out watching T.V when my grandfather asked my grandmother who could barely walk for a cup with ice cream. My grandmother got up as fast as her pain in her leg let her and did just that. In my head I was like WTH why didn’t he get up and get it himself. I sat there quietly and observed him as he ate his ice cream. I was about to speak my mind when he got up and on the way to putting his cup in the sink, gave my grandmother a kiss on her forehead and told her Thank you, te quiero mi vieja. That melted my heart. Later my grandmother and I sat outside and chatted. I explained that my marriage was not exactly going as I planned on. With a smile on her face as I wept she said it never does. She told me about all her heart ache and the things she went though with my grandfather, how she had days that she felt like killing him but more days that she could feel how much she loved this man. She fought for him many times and without her knowing at that exact moment he fought for her as well. She told me something that stuck with me till this day. She said, “marriage isn’t a walk in the park, its a lot of work from both sides, its compromises and letting your pride go from time to time.” at that moment as I sat there looking into the eyes of the wise I realized the real true love isnt the ones I see in the movies I’ve been seeing it flourish more and more thought all these years. True love is my grandparents whom brought into this world 13 kids, went through loss of their own children, earth quakes, days of poverty, and times of turbulence in their marriage and 62 years later and they are still going strong. That is what true love is and next time I need inspiration I know where to seek knowledge.