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How important is communication with your child???? I believe communication is one major factor in raising a child. When I was younger my mother didn’t really talk to me about certain things. I felt like if I told her the things happening in my life that she would flip out or punish me. If you ask her she will tell you that she was very open but in fact sex topics or anything about sex was never really discussed. I want to be different with my children. Make them feel comfortable asking me questions and telling me things. My daughter is getting to her teen years and I feel as if my work as a mother is about to be switched on turbo. She is very opinionated and hormonal which is¬†monumental recipe for disaster. I don’t want her to follow in my foot steps and have a baby before she graduates, so I talk to her with as much honesty as I could.Sometimes It seems a little hard where to draw the line, see my daughter is a gifted child so she craves information. When she cant find an answer to a question, she does research online and if she is still in doubt she asks my husband and I or other people. She’s been this way as long I could remember she never took simple answers she always wanted an explanation. We haven’t really had the “conversation” per say and she’s never asked anything. One time last year I went to her room and sat on her bed, asked her about her day and proceeded to ask if she had any questions about her sex ed classes she was taking. She quickly put her hands on her face she told me she was fine and didn’t really want to talk about it. This came to me as a shock because she is very open to me with other things. I didn’t want to force her to talk about a subject she wasn’t ready to, so I told her if she did have questions to ask,that I would be there for her whenever she needed to talk. Now she is soon graduating elementary and moving on the middle school where I know as a matter a fact that she it will be brought up by friends or in class. So what I’m getting at here is how do you talk to your child about sex?? How truthful should you be?? What if they don’t want to talk about it?? Ive been reading books and doing my own research on this but cant really find the comfortable way for both her and I. So if you are a mommy please do share what your tactics were, I’m at a dead end here!!