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I used to look at movies or happy couples and pick them apart. Try to understand and see what they were doing and try to apply it to my husband and I. I wanted us to have our very own fairytale, But I was completely wrong. My husband and I have been together since we were both 13 I got pregnant at 14 and had my child at 15. So it was kind of hard for us to be “normal”. We were growing up together, involving I would like to say. Before we were a couple he was a very good friend, we went to school together I knew him since I was in 1st grade, so at times it was hard to act like lovers when we were so comfortable with each other that we acted like best friends, we even fought like best friends. It wasn’t till I took at closer look at our relationship that I realized that our relationship is ours, its not perfect in fact we are far from a perfect couple but certainly cant be compared. And that might just be the problem with most couples they compare themselves with other couples or movie couples. I’m sure at one point or another everyone is guilty of this but its very important to remember that what works for one couple certainly might not work for another.Stop comparing and start appreciating what you have!

Your relationship is not to be compared!