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I never have understood why it feels like a thorn in my flesh when people don’t know how appreciate the things people do for them. Yesterday I was a  witness to such action. I know some one (we will call them person A) who always goes out of their way for the other person (person B), they basically bend over backwards to help that person whenever it is in their reach. Yesterday was the few times when person A couldn’t come to the rescue for person B, person B got so agitated that they bad mouthed person A. Now I’m not a person to keep tabs on what people do for me but I like to help people who help me out just as a thank you type of thing. So as I sat there listening to this person I slowly made a metal list of all the things person A has done for person B I could wrap my mind over the idea of being upset for the one time person A couldn’t help. I thought how ungrateful!! I hope  person A learns the hard way that when person B is gone they will no longer have that support person B provides time and time again.