My mother… whom I could count on for anything and everything. I never thought it could be possible that we could have this kind of bond, I always thought that the mother daughter bond wouldn’t flourish into a friendship as well. She is my biggest supporter and biggest critic. Thankfully she doesn’t take sides when I tell her things and has no problem telling me the brutal truth.

My husband….He’s been my best friend for quite a while now, tells me things without sugar coating it sometimes it hurts but I’m glad he has no filter because it make me realize thing better. I love it how we could talk for hours, when we are together its like we are in middle school again. We wrestle and pick at each other but most important we are here for each other when the going get tough.

My Best friend from my childhood days….we lost contact for a few years but through myspace we were able to reconnect. We don’t see each other often or talk everyday but we touch base enough to now what is going on with each others life. When we get together its like we never stopped talking. She was the reason my husband and I still communicated once I got pregnant and my mother tried to separate us.She’s been by my side through all the terrible things in my life.

My sis-in-law….She was my sister in law when my husband’s brother was still alive once he passed away we didn’t really talk during that time but during the past few years we have created a bond that truly fills me with joy, she is married now and has beautiful baby..She is kind hearted and is always there.

Mis amigos where would I be without them 🙂