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Family: Well I have two families now my original family and my very own little family.

Original Family:My grandmother has 9 living kids, they all have children and some  even have grand-kids, needless to say we are a very big Nicaraguan family. When there are family gathering we rarely have to invite outsiders in order to have a full house. We used to be a very tight family but unfortunately some people let stupidity get in the way. My grandmother is known as the glue that keeps us all together. It pretty sad but at least we all still get together for her sake. I love seeing my grandmothers eyes sparkle when we are all under the same roof. We do a lot of pot parties in our family. Everyone brings something and it becomes a big eating fest. I love it!!


My little family: Consists of my husband and my two beautiful princesses. My husband and I have been together since we were both 14 with a gap of separation for 2 years and a half. I  would of hoped to have another addition to my little family but unfortunately my body cant handle it. We try and be as normal as possible but whats normal anyways. Our weekdays are so busy that we barely have time for each other but weekends are definitely family time for us. We are big on barbeque, we love to try new recipes, so we grill in the AM usually watch movies together in the PM and during the summer we have a lot of pool days. We are far from perfect but perfect for me.