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As we grow up and try and make a living on a day to day basis we tend to loose touch with people in our lives. Life is hard but we must make time for those we love, for those whom we’ve  shared a laugh or two with. In the last 2 weeks my little family and my original family lost 2 people dear to us. My husband last saw his friend a little over a month ago and we last saw Abuelo exactly one month from today. It made me sad to know that the last memory was a quick one. Death makes you realize things and this is one. I wish I could of had more memories to reminisce on but whats done is done and I will hold on to the only memories I have. Today is a new day and today I vow to share more of my time with those I love. I vow that in the mix of the craziness of being a mother, employee and wife I will stop and smell the roses, for time on earth is limited and all we will be left with is memories. So make them count