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Hate is a strong word but it definitely does apply to this. I HATE roaches!!!

Roaches give me the heebie-jeebies.I might hate them more than rats and that pretty nasty. Let me tell you the back story on this: When I was about 11 I was in the kitchen for the 4th of July, I had just made myself hot chocolate and I remember looking out the window towards the sky. The fireworks were amazing, they lit up the sky. I decided to step outside to take a better look, I sat on the stairs that led to the kitchen and consumed the beautiful firework display, when out of nowhere a huge outside roach flew straight into my chocolate milk. I screamed and the thing charged at me with a vengeance. I threw the cup god knows where and ran inside, but the little bastard followed me it was a flying roach. I remember it taunting me and flying around me head I waled and flung my hands from side to side like the inflatable dummies you see outside gas stations for what seems like a good 30 minuets, finally my grandmother came to the rescue and killed it. I think that day I might of had a mini heart attack. Ever since that day I think they all have it out for me, I am terrified of roaches its safe to say that I absolutely hate them!