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This past Friday I went on a 5th grade trip with my oldest daughter to Epcot. I was in the mood to go because of the sad week I had endured but made sure I put my poker face on, the trip was already paid for. So on Thursday night I made sure I left everything ready for my youngest daughter for school the next day. I laid out the clothes she would wear to school Friday morning, underwear, socks, shoes untied so she could just slip them on and have my husband tie them for her. I made sure I left her favorite cereal out so my husband didn’t have to look for it, I even went as far as leaving a bowl with a spoon so that all he had to do was pour the milk and cereal and hand it to her. I made a list of the things he had to take to work. I packed his lunch and put it in the fridge, made sure his protein was next to the bottle he used to drink his protein. By the time I was done I was so exhausted and hurried to bed. On Friday I had to be out the house by 4:15 AM to be at school at 4:45 AM. I woke up made breakfast for my oldest and I. When we were done eating I put all the things I usually use to make breakfast together so my husband wouldn’t miss it. I also got the ingredients to make breakfast and put them all together in the fridge so all he had to do is grab them. As I left I kept trying to remember if there was anything else I could do to make his morning a lot easier. We got to school fine and drove off at 5:30 AM. At exactly 6:15 I called my husband and made sure he was already up and feeding my youngest. (she is 6) On my way to Orlando I had plenty of time to think and go over things in my head. I was looking at the window when he came to me. I thought by doing all that I was helping my husband out, NO WAY!!! I was handicapping him, I made his morning so much easier than mine is every single day. My motherly instincts kicked in and maybe I should be like that all the time. My kids need that but I realized If I’m ever gone I don’t think he will be able to do it all by himself. I made it so easy that he doesn’t understand the trouble I go through in the morning to get everything ready. I’m handicapping him an its all my fault!