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Yesterday we were all sitting down having some yummy BBQ my husband made. As usual we chat while we are eating its our way to catch up on some family time. So I’m savoring my Bourbon chicken sandwich when I feel her little eyes on me. I put it down and ask her what does she have to tell me. She look sat me with a smile from ear to ear and says “mom tell me you are proud of me!” So I ask what did you do. As any mother of a “curious” child knows when your little one blurbs this out, it isn’t always a good thing. So she smiles and giggle before she says “Just say you are proud” I give her the”what are you up to look” and she finally decides to tell me. “mom everyday in class we have to write in our journal, I like to write about a a lot of things, when we are done my teachers checks our journals and my teachers always tells me that my handwriting is atrocious, aren’t you proud?? I almost choked on my drink, I didn’t know if to laugh that she thought atrocious meant good and she wanted recognition or to get mad for a teacher using a word my 6 year old didn’t understand , and not taking the time to explain the word. I try to be as honest as I could so I had to tell her what atrocious meant. It broke my heart to see her face when I was explaining what the words meant. She was a little devastated that her teacher said that but as any 6 year old she soon got over it and I was off to buy her handwriting paper to improve her handwriting for 1st grade. Oh my little Nix and the things she says!!