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During my life time I’ve know a lot of people and occasionally lost touch with most because our lives send us down different paths. Ive been fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people!! And more so because they loved my girls as much as I do. As a mother it feels extremely good to know that a person loves your child,that they praise their accomplishments. They are there for the¬†achievement in a child’s life without having to force them. They show love to the child like it was their very own.

So this entry is dedicated to the delightful, heart warming people that love my girls like their very own, the people that I text when my children reach a milestone and they text back wondrous things about them. The people that go out of their way to make my girls feel special. The people that put my girls on pedestals. I don’t even need to add any names because when they read this those are the people that will know. I love you guys and I feel extremely blessed to have you guys in our lives. I hope many more blessings come your way because you are special!!