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When I get asked “what is love” the first thing that comes to mind is a bible verse I read a long time ago and read it occasionally

But as years have passed and I’ve love in different ways…I’ve loved my kids,my mother, family, friends, and my husband. At times I felt like I’ve loved too much and for me its OK because loving awakens the soul, it means I have emotions..So I still haven’t answered the questions. What is your definition of love? To me love is:

  • Fighting for one another even when it seems to be hopeless
  • The way you look at the person like if they were the most amazing thing you’ve seem
  • Trying to be a better person for your mate
  • Being able to talk about anything and everything
  • Not caring about compromising
  • Knowing the person has baggage and still sticking by them
  • Not being embarrassed for acting silly
  • Being supportive through good and bad times
  • Looking at a picture of you two and smiling
  • Hoping to grow old together
  • Feeling the hurt when the other is hurting
  • Missing the person when you aren’t with them
  • Going out of your way to please

Love is grand