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Yesterday was my daughters 5th grade graduation.The school sent out a letter informing parents about dress code, I made sure her dress fit all the criteria. Like most young ladies her age she wanted to look her prettiest. She fell in love with a dress that had spaghetti straps, I quickly burst her bubble and made her put it back. Then she wanted a dress that was extremely short, if she lifted her hands it went up her thigh. That was definitely not acceptable so again I made her put it back. She finally spotted the dress that she liked it was the perfect length and the straps were very thick, I bought her a shawl so it could meet the school criteria. When I got to the graduation I could see how my daughters eyes shined, she was happy with her selection and looked amazing. Shortly after all the kids came in and the ceremony started. One by one the kids went on stage and accepted their promotion to middle school. But I was quickly distracted by these 11 and 12 year old dressed like they were 21 year old going to clubs. Some had heels they couldn’t even maneuver. One had a dress so tight if she sneezed it probably would of broke.

Now I’ve been young and Ive worn short shorts and things like that but not at 11. I gave my daughter such a hard time about the dresses she picked and here were these little girls dressed in inappropriate clothes. As a mother I was appalled at how could a mother feel it is ok to let your tween out of the house like that. I felt angry because these parents don’t know what harm they are doing to their children by letting them dress like adults. A parents roll is to steer your child in the right direction and making them dress their age is one of them.