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The laughs we’ve had together.
The secrets we have shared.
The way you love my kids.
When I need you you are always there.
That you let me cry and put snot on your shoulder.
The time you drove to my house during rush hour to console me.
The way you weren’t scared to be a mediator just to see me happy.
The way you cheered my up when its been hard.
The way we could not talk for days but as soon as we link up its like we never stopped talking.
The way you always have something positive to say.
Not being afraid to be dumb together.
Having my back no matter what.
Confiding in me the things you do.
Calling me when you have great news.
That little message that you send me just to say hello.
Listening to me patiently when I ramble about the things in my life.
Giving me a big hug when you see me.

Many more things that I cant pin point because I would be here for hours but the main reason is for being simply being you!

To the three best girls in my life where would I be without you