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Today I was running like a chicken without a head during my 1 hr lunch time. I had so many things to do. I walked towards the doors to get to the garage, two men were right in front of me going toward the same direction. As I was about to go up the stairs my keys fell and I stopped to pick them up. I sprinted up the stairs trying to catch up to the guys, thinking they would hold the door for me. WRONG!!! One of the guys saw me rushing down the stairs and just walked out. My face almost hit the door, I quickly opened the door and in total rage yelled “well thank you!” Then as I was walking into the bank a very old and fragile lady was trying to open the door but I guess she couldn’t find the strength to pull the door, a young boy swung the door open and walked right in. He didn’t even hold the door for the cute little lady. I quickly got to the door and held it open until she got in. As I was standing in line for my turn I thought to myself “chivalry is dead”. So sad but true!! So mothers teach your little ones well, lets resurrect chivalry…