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My favorite food of all time??? I cant pin point the exact dish but I could tell you my favorite cuisine is Mexican food. I absolutely love Mexican food. Its the easiest to make and  it taste so yummy.

The one thing I make the most is dipping salsa. Its a recipe my husband’s sister gave me but I always say its my own..SHHH!! don’t say anything

What you’ll need

2 tomatoes

1 onion

Cilantro bunch

2 Lemons

Salt and pepper


Dice the tomatoes and onions

Grab a few leaves of cilantro and cut them as thin as possible (stem and all)

Mix all in a bowl add lemon (at desired sourness)

Add salt and pepper and a splash of Tabasco (I like mine really spicy so I usually put more than a splash)

And voilà!!! Break out the chips and its dipping time!!

Enjoy 🙂