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On Saturday I went to the doctor with my husband for the third time in less than 2 weeks. We had to get results for an exam the doctor had performed. We were quite nervous because we didn’t know what he had the results would reveal them. They took our information down and I took the initiative to fill out his papers work. We sat in the waiting area and shortly after we were called back. The doctor came in soon after. He asked how we were and assumed I was the Mrs. He wasn’t the same doctor we originally saw so he had a few questions. He asked my husband about the wound and how it came about and what followed days after. My husband answered but gave a very quick explanation, no details. I felt the doctor needed more in depth explanation so I described more in details what had occurred and what followed next day by day. The doctor acknowledged what I said and he checked my husband’s wound and determined all was well. The exams came back negative which filled us with relieve.  Soon after he was getting ready to discharge us when he asked if we had any questions, I quickly asked a million questions before my husband got a chance to speak. Before answering all my questions the doctor looked at my husband, laughed and said “welcome to marriage” I took such an offense to that. They both laugh what seems like 15 minutes, he finally answered my questions and we walked out.

On our way home my husband kept telling me how funny the doctors comment was. I wasn’t amused one bit because I was the subject of the joke. After a few minutes of laughing to himself, my husband looked at me and said “you mean to tell me that bothered you” I replied with scorn that it did because all I was doing was trying to be a good wife and watch out for him. That’s when he said words that grabbed my soul and shook me, and served for a good wake up call.  “Being married is like having a new mother” That set me off because instead of acknowledging my good deed I felt I was being mocked. But the more I got to thinking the more I understood what the doctor said. I guess its true I didn’t realize it but I sometimes act like a mother with my husband.