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Boys spend all their money tricking out their cars. Men save their money and buy a good car.

Boys brag about their accomplishments. Men never do.

Boys watch sports on TV and dream about being in the game. Men play sports and revel being in the game.

Boys spend time agonizing over what pickup line to use on a girl and whether they should ask to buy her a drink. Men walk up and introduce themselves, with a drink in their hand.

Boys spend Saturdays working on their fantasy football teams. Men build something.

Boys look for the easy way. Men find the best way.

Boys go to the gym to try to pick up chicks. Men go to the gym to improve themselves.

Boys say “I can’t”. Men say “I will try”.

Boys used to be boys. Men were always men, they were just called young men.

Boys search for other people’s quotes.  Men create their own.

Boys get a tattoo because it’s cool and trendy. Men get a tattoo to commemorate a passed relative or a time in their lives.

Boys get drunk. Men drink.

Boys pay child support and often don’t even try to. Men raise families.

Boys form opinions on things people say. Men form opinions based on facts.

Boys buy $100 ripped jeans so they can blend in with their friends. Men wear Levi’s, in style for 140 years.

Boys show up for work late, slack off, whine and mope all day. Men show up on time and work from the minute they walk in to the moment they clock out, and go home with a sense of accomplishment.

Boys have bunch of girlfriends. Men have one wife.

Boys hold a door for a lady to try and score brownie points. Men hold a door for a lady because it’s polite and respectful.

Boys accept that something is impossible. Men try to do things that are impossible.