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Most mothers can tell you that relax and mother don’t go in the same sentence. A mothers job is never done, you don’t only deal with your own problems but your husband’s, your kid’s, work and family matters 24/7. So the  place I now go to relax is my bathroom. Yea I bet you would of thought it would be a special place..Haha!! I take long showers because its the only place I have time to myself.

Occasionally when I have the time and Ive done all the things I need to, there’s this a bay right by a residential neighborhood. They have all these benches and you could see the skyline. Its absolutely amazing. I take the kids and let them run while I just listen to the water and birds chirping.. I usually go late afternoon because I love the way the sky looks.

Residential neighborhood behind the benches

View from the benches