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One day that is a blah one for me is father’s day, its gotten better during the past years but I used to really hate it. See the issue is that I didn’t have a father to whom I could make all the cute things for. In school for fathers day my teachers always made me make something crafty for my father, I never told them that I didn’t have one around when the assignment was handed. Instead I would pretend that I did and right before getting home I would always toss it. It hurt me like hell to see everyone so excited about the gift they were making for their beloved daddy. To be honest its the only time I was actually jealous of some girls.When my mom took me to the store around the time of father’s day I would try not to pass by the Men’s department and  if I did I’d rolled my eyes so much it looked like I was having a seizure.All that reminded me of the man who walked out on us and didn’t bother to write or call me directly. It made me angry and sad, just a flood of helpless emotions. Today I don’t necessarily look forward to father’s day but its bearable, I get to see the girls so happy with the gift they get for their daddy. They praise him and make him feel special. They get to be with daddy and interact with with in ways I didn’t have a chance to do so and for me that enough. My daughters have the thing I lacked. A present father 🙂