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Yesterday I went the the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. My husband stayed home with the girls, so I was kids free for a bit. I walked into the grocery store and headed straight for the bakery, I always pick up a little treat for my kids when I’m not with them. There were a few people waiting in line so I had a to wait a bit. There was a cute little girl who caught my attention I smiled at her and she hid behind her mothers skirt. When it was the mothers turn she leaned on the counter and began her order only to be rudely interrupted by her little girl. The little girl wanted a cake all to her self. Her mother refused and continued to order. the little girl tugged on her skirt to the point she almost undressed her.The lady had to pause and softly said “no you haven’t had dinner yet.” The little girl wasn’t too happy, so she got a box of doughnuts that was next to her and dropped it on the floor. I couldn’t believe this adorable little girl was throwing such a fit. When that did catch her mother attention she kicked her mom in the back of leg. At that point all I could think was “ok this kid needs a good spanking.” Surely I thought the mother would yell or discipline her, I was wrong, the mother continued to place her order. The mother finished her order but by this time the kid was screaming “I hate you” and crying up a storm. The mother softly said “baby please behave good, I promise you we will go to the park if you do.” I looked at the older man next to me and gave him the “OMG is she nuts” look.I usually don’t like to get in the middle of such things but the little girls actions and the way the mother handled it made me angry. She was acting like a spoiled brat! She needed to be disciplined. So I looked at the mother with disapproval and walked away, I couldn’t even stick around to place my order, she was being such a nuisance. In fact the little girls tantrum cleared the crowd waiting to be served. It still amazes me how some mothers let their kids get away with such behavior. Theses are the generation of the future we have to teach them to behave now because later it will be too late.

I’m not a big fan of spanking but I must say the times my mother and grandmother spanked me made me who I am today. Discipline made me a better person. It wasn’t like I got spanked much, I only got spanked 5 times my whole life but the thought of getting hit installed such fear in me, that I knew I had to behave. All they had to do was give me the evil eye and I knew I was misbehaving. They didn’t even have to speak to me . I think that might just be the issue with kids now a days, parents are too scared to punish or spank their kids and slowly but surely they are losing the authority.