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Someone posted this yesterday and as soon as I saw it I nodded in approval. I feel like this all the time.

I had my daughter at a very young age and if I had to do it again I’d probably do it all over again with a few changes but always with the same end result. As a child I saw a lot of things that a child should not see. I was introduced to drugs at a very early age my mom tried her best to keep me away but I had a rebellious uncle who left things laying around which I stumbled upon, she worked crazy hours to keep a roof over our heads and my grandmother was overwhelmed with things. I knew what gangs were and personally saw all the things they did. My daughter saved me from it all. I often remember such days and strongly believe she came just in time. I could of been in that life style if she didn’t come along. Because of her and now her sister I strive to be the best I can be. I’ve worked so hard to try and give my girls a good life with a present father,a good example of a woman, a united  family. They keep my grounded, they’ve helped realize the important things in life. They are my light when darkness sets in, in happy times they are the motive. Because of the two beautiful faces staring back at me I understand my mother more and my relationship with her has flourished. They give me indescribable joy. I am who I am because of them.