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Dear Momma,

These are the things I should of said, the things I’ve never told you because it was too hard to put it in words and writing them just seems easier. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. As a young kid I didn’t see it but now that I’m a mother I understand where you come from. Thank you for making the best out of each situation. When my dad left I know you were distraught but I only saw you cry once. You made it so that I wont miss him, tried your best to keep our weekends occupied. Thank you for not talking bad about my father even though he was no good, you let me create my own feelings towards him. Thank you for working so hard to give me a roof over my head, food in my belly, and clothes on back. Thank you for giving me the necessities and not spoiling me rotten, its made me a better me. Because of you I appreciate the small things in life. I’m sorry that I didn’t trust you enough back then to tell you that I was pregnant, I’m sorry you found out the way you did,I’m sorry that I hurt you and disappointed you. It was not my intention, I don’t regret getting pregnant but I regret everyday of my life that I wasn’t sincere to you. I’m sorry that my pregnancy came at a bad timing, I didn’t want you to get a divorce. I wanted you to be happy. You deserve a man who can be your equal, someone who can make you extremely happy, I hope you could one day find that special someone. As you get older I know you worry that you wont be able to do things on your own but please don’t fear old age because I promise to take care of you and promise to love you till the day you close your eyes. I wont abandon you or stick you in a home. I love you and I thank god everyday that I have such a hard working,independent, sincere, loving mother.


Dear Sperm Donor,

I don’t know why you left and never gave any answers, till this day it baffles me. I’ve always wanted answers, I think I deserve that much. Why did you leave and comeback when I was 18? Why did you meet my daughter and then left just like the first time? It hurts me that you did to her what you did to me. Why did you hurt my mom twice? What were your intentions? A few months back I did research and being the woman that I am I got  hold of your eldest and wrote him,told him about all me. He was shocked to know he had a step sister. You called my mom only to reproach her for what I had done, you didn’t even ask how I was, it was terrible that you couldn’t find our number to connect with us but you were quick to find it when your secret was out. You couldn’t keep me from the world your whole life. I feel sorry for you because you will never know what its like to have my love or the love from my children. To be honest I’m glad you left because of that I now have the most amazing father figure in the world. He might not be my real dad but he’s shown me how a real one is. One day you’ll need my help everyone needs from everyone at one point or another and I’m sorry to say that I probably wont be there. I resent you for all the pain you’ve caused. Only god can forgive you.