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My husband and I rarely go out. We prefer to stay home and drink than go out. We try and avoid any situation where we will put ourselves in danger.Most of the time we drink at home during MMA events or like yesterdays case, to watch the game. Our home team played and won the NBA championship, I’m really not that into it but I made a big effort. We had a really good time just the two of us. The girls were in their room each watching their own show. It was a big deal of a game so my husband and I made a lot of noise. We were really into it. During the last few minutes of the game we knew for sure we would win so I stood up and started clapping and screaming, you know to be rowdy and make him feel like he was watching with one of the guys. As we are both jumping up and down my little one comes out of the room, stands in the hall way and say “can you two please keep it down?” Shocked at her request we looked at each other and sat down. It took us a minute to process what she asked of us then we laughed so hard. It was like the tables had turned we were the children and she was the adult. The game ended and I had one more “fan” thing to do to make my husband laugh a little. I took out the pot and started to bang on them screaming “lets go heat”. When he saw me he could help but crack up after all I was doing all of this for him.Just as I was about to stop my little charade my two girls come out to the hall way and both asked to keep it down, my oldest says, ” you guys are out of control, keep it down its 11 already.” Mind you they are on vacation and don’t have a curfew. It was the funniest thing to see my girls trying to correct our “out of control behavior”. Moments like this I definitely love. Such characters 🙂