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Today I was reading about this teacher who made a blog and in the blog she complained about the kids and how they were lazy she went to even write about the administration in her school .Her blog was meant to be private but she made a mistake, she put up a picture of herself. She made headlines last year but due to her contract with the school she taught through the school year of 2011-2012 and was fired at the end of her term. As a mother I took the side of the principal who fired her at the end of the 2011-2012 school year but not because of the blog but because of “performance issue” which we all know is a cover up. In the blog she put such things as parents can’t raise their kids right, to say the least she basically aired her frustrations about her students. The more I read the anger I got I wouldn’t want a teacher speaking about my child like that on a blog but as I blogger I concur with her at the same time. Most of the times bloggers create a blog just to vent or share their experiences. You put things on your blog and don’t think it might be a big issue. So I sat there thinking of everything this woman was going through was she right due to freedom of speech or was she out of line?? Whats you take one this??