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At the beginning of the week my uncle took my girls and I to Tampa. He was going for business and we were going for a quick getaway. I never really get to spend so much time with him like I like to so I never get to see how AMAZING he really is. You know the saying “random kinds on kindness feeds the soul”?? Well this man’s soul is obese. He did nice things for everyone all through the day and all were strangers.  Both mornings we had breakfast at the hotel. It was a buffet type breakfast. My daughter wanted waffles and they had a waffle making machine for each person to make their very own. There was two people in front on my daughter and were having trouble with the machine. My uncle put his plate down and helped all three including my daughter, A man didn’t know how to work the toaster and he helped him too, He held the elevator for lady walking in with all her bags. I wish I could name more things he did but I’d probably have to write for a whole day. I’ve never met a person like him. He is so good with everyone and I truly believe that if the world had more people like him it would be a better place 🙂