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I never thought the day I would have fights with my daughter over my clothes would come so early. My eldest is 11 but she is by a few inches my height and not a skinny gal. Lately she is wearing all my clothes without my permission and it wouldn’t bother me much but she doesn’t take care of her things at all. I have clothes from when I was in high school and she uses it once and most of the times spills an irremovable substance or makes a hole in it.

For about a week ago Ive been looking for a pair of black stretchy jeans that Ive had for a long time, they are so old that they feel so comfy. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. Today was we were walking to get lunch I noticed she is wearing my jeans. AHHHH I wanted to snatch them from her, I so wanted to wear them today and couldn’t find them so I wore a pair I’m not so into, it looks like my husband will have to brace himself for the arguing over clothes.