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I was browsing through a site and stumbled upon this. A blog on 10 questions all parents ask themselves I could help but  agree with most of her questions but I just had to compile a list of my own questions I often ask myself as a mother of two.

  1. Why does my 6 year old always wait till I’m doing something to ask for help?
  2. Why does they think I’m not going to find out?? (I’m a natural Detective)
  3. Are my kids deaf?
  4. Why do they love Sponge Bob so much?
  5. Do they have a sensor for intimate time?? Seems they always knock in the middle of it, no matter what time
  6. Do they understand how tired I am?
  7. Why do they always have to go when I’m pooping?? ( yes we only have 1 bathroom)
  8. Do they understand what I’m telling them to do?
  9. Do they know when they ask me things and I don’t know the answer I look it up??
  10. Why, why now??