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Silly Question!!

My name is Luisa friends and family call me Lulu…I am a mother, wife, daughter who is  a blogger/ pinner, fun, emotional, loving, caring, homeworking, positive, hard headed, suborn, family oriented, silly, at times a little clueless, creative, knowledge thirsty, fair, understanding, loyal, appreciative, god loving, occasionally moody, supportive, a tad jealous, over thinker, motivator, friendly, photography crazy and when I love I love too much at times a little too much! I love pasta and Mexican food. I hate vegetables, loud breathers, people that chew loud or grind their teeth. I believe everyone deserves a second chance maybe a third but never more than that. I believe in god but also in aliens and spirits. I Love to read books and eat chocolate. My favorite Author is James Patterson. I am shit scared of roaches and spiders. I don’t really like dogs or cats or any pets of any kind. I don’t have a lot of friend, only a handful and for me that’s enough. I have 0 tolerance for annoying psycho exes, bad parents, ignorant people, laziness, and attention seekers. I try to work towards my goal as best I can and don’t let anyone get in my way. I enjoy proving people wrong! I strive for perfection and if it cant be achieved I strive to be as close as possible. I am me, never duplicated!