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I was browsing through pictures just a few days ago. I saw pictures of times I had erased from my head. It brought back a lot of crazy and wonderful memories. It made me think of all the cool times. So I decided to make a list of my remember when.

Remember when…..

  • we were kids and we fought over the remote control
  • love music was love music
  • pop rocks were the shit
  • when we all walked to the snack bar
  • the guy in our school went around slapping each other in the balls
  • we only had one kid
  • we had house party at my house
  • you made me your “slave” for a week because you beat me in the sonic game
  • when we played hours and hours on the Atari
  • we all put our money together to buy junk food at the grocery store
  • we all got together to play baseball in the street
  • how you told me you were going to be a boxer
  • how we used to hang out at your house with all the kids
  • me and you skipped school
  • the time we had a water balloon fight
  • Xuxa was the it girl
  • we wore jelly shoes
  • we made each other friendship bracelets
  • we came home from school and saw Rugrats and Doug
  • I let you in through the back door so no one found out you were out after your curfew
  • you used to cut hair in the backyard for all your friends
  • we had to develop dozens of film
  • ribbons and Adidas was the go to gear
  • we discovered eye liner
  • we had out slam book


I hope you all enjoyed my list if you remember anything I might of left out just leave a comment with it. It would be great to hear your “remember when”