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So this whole Penn state sex scandal has been going on since lat last year and the more the media reports and it and new details surface I become more and more grossed out and appalled. For those of you that don’t really know what going on visit this site and inform yourself. Penn State scandal. I’m a parent of two beautiful girls and if anyone were to do anything to my girls I would hurt them bad. I cant even begin to imagine what these parent are feeling or let alone the children. Its disgusting how this man took advantage of kids who were going through rough times already and even more disgusting the people that knew about it and didn’t stop it. They let these poor children continue to be victimized.

Last week a fresh report was released on the scandal.  It showed that Assistant Coach Sandusky’s sexual behavior with young boys was not only known by legendary Coach Paterno who died earlier this year, but it was also known at the highest levels of the University  and never reported to the authorities which is in clear violation of the Clery Act, which requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal, financial aid programs to maintain and disclose information about crime on and near their campus. The campus has a statue of Paterno on the premises. So the new questions last week was what would happen to Coach Paterno’s legacy? Should the statue be removed?  My opinion was that it should. He knew there was wrong doing and did nothing to stop it. People’s lives have been affected due to this, so why still praise this man! There isn’t a thing as being a good person part time. Either you are or you are not!! Part of being a good person has to do with intervening when a something like this happens. He was morally wrong!! SO TAKE IT DOWN!!