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As all little sisters my youngest wants to be like my older daughter. She occasionally dresses like her and uses big words only she doesn’t know the meaning sometimes . Her latest thing is seeing shows that my older daughter watches, just so she could talk about it.  I don’t let this occur in my house because I know she will be scared if she watches the shows because my oldest is into the discovery channel and sci-fi. Last week they stayed with my grandmother because I didn’t have anyone to take care of them. And yes you guessed it my little nix watched a show about ghost called Ghost hunters. I had no idea. That afternoon as I’m cooking she comes up to me and says “MOM I have a cold spot in my room” I looked at her a little puzzled and asked her what she was talking about but she walked away.So I continued cooking and  didn’t really pay much attention to this. During my usual ME time (shower time) where I do a lot of my thinking, I kept thinking of what she told me and finally put two and two together. I went to her room and tried to debunk all she had learned that day. I kissed her good night and assured her everything was going to be ok. Later that night I got woken up by a scream, I run to check on Nix and she’s not in her bed I frantically start searching for her only to find she is in our kitchen sitting in the floor, crying. I picked her up and kissed her and held her. I took her to bed and asked what was wrong she said “mom there’s a cold spot in my room and I got scared because I know it was ghost.” The damage was done!! The next day we had to perform a “cleansing of her room” Of course I have no idea what the hell I was doing I had to pretend I did and sprayed “anti-ghost repellent” all over her room. She slept fine that night and the cold spot has vanished. 1 for mommy 0 for ghosts!!