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On Sunday night I feel asleep with a headache that lasted 24 hrs. I had a headache all day at work and it intensified once i got home. My husband usually goes to the gym while I cook and get things ready for the next day. Yesterday he decided to stay home. We ate dinner together and then sat a little while on the sofa. I buried my face into the pillow because the headache was killing me. I got up and started to get thing ready to cook, when i heard my husband yell ” its ok babe you don’t have to cook I can buy food tomorrow” I almost died, not because of my headache but because my husband never tells me that during the weekday. He prefers to eat a home cooked meal than to eat out. I ignored him and continued to cook, minutes later he got up and started washing dishes WITHOUT MY NAGGING ABOUT IT!!! Yes he did it all by himself. When he was done he asked if i needed any help. I don’t know if my headache was so severe that I looked like shit but he offered to help. I absolutely love when he helps like this without me having to nag. Yesterday was a pleasant surprise. I just hope he continues because it made my life a whole lot easier and I was in bed by 8 🙂