Today is usual the day of the week that I take to care of myself. I turn on some music,occasionally put on facial mask, and do a mani and pedi. After such a long week of work,kids and all the things that happen in between it feels just right. So as I was getting things ready to do my nails today, I look over all the colors and none of them feel right. I try one on and nope not the right look, pick up a pretty pink one and decide its just not it either. I go over each and everyone of them and don’t see the one that I want. At least the one that calls out to me! I went over a few and decided I better go out and get one. I decided to take a picture and proceeded to do so. I took one and then another on the second one it hit me like a bag of potatoes. For me ITS NEVER ENOUGH!!!!! And Im pretty sure every other girl can relate.

I have a closet full of clothes and every morning I try about a few outfits and more than likely throw on the same outfit I wore last week and all just because “I don’t have anything to wear.” Shoes, same thing I have a bunch and only wear a few. I feel as if every girl has this problem. For me its always been that way. As far back as my teen days. Back then it was looking good for school now looking good for work. So i ask my self this, for me ITS NEVER ENOUGH is that a good thing or a bad thing??? For women its never enough.