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Being a single mother is the toughest thing a mother could endure. Its only you and your kids and if you are lucky the father will help or family and friends will give a helping hand. I was a single mother for about 2 1/2 years. When my girls were 5 years old and 6 months old I decided it wasn’t going to work and he did nothing to stop me. I guess at that point we both gave up. We had a huge fight and I grabbed my things and left. I lived with my mom for a week and then got my own place. An efficiency in the back of a house, I went from having a 2 bedroom duplex to a little hole in the wall but it was all I could afford.  I went through hell and back I cried many nights and others I just stood over my girls watching them sleep trying to feed off the peacefulness of their sleep. I had other single mother friends so it kind of helped me out but I wished I would of had someone and outsider to seek advice from. sometimes its the best thing because they wont take sides. My friend from childhood, who is now a single mother has her own advice column. I think its great that she is turning her situation into a positive. if you are a single mother check it out and even if you are not check it out Ask Veronica


Footnote: We are now back together and have been since early 2009