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I did this on my Facebook a while back so I took the liberty of using most of them and just adding a few more, enjoy 🙂

  1. I like to sleep
  2. I am terrified of roaches..show me one and I’m your enemy
  3. The most beautiful music to my hears is my girls laughing
  4. I like to put lemon on everything
  5. I love being silly  and I really don’t care what people make of it
  6. I love taking pics, sometimes I take too many
  7. I have a thing for tattoos
  8. I love D.I Y projects, my family says I go on D.Y.I rampages
  9. I’m a crier 😦
  10. I have very vivid dreams and on rare occasion I dream something & it happens
  11. Ive learned that the truth will hurt but a lie will hurt more once it reveals itself..everything comes to light ALWAYS
  12. I secretly hate my toes..I think they look like fingers
  13. I type ‘LOL’ way too much
  14. I think→ James Patterson← is the best author out there
  15. I like old music ♪♫♪ more than I do modern day music, they have more sense to it than bitches, hoes and money
  16. I’m scared of being a bad mother
  17. I love being in love ♥♥
  18. Sometimes when I laugh too hard I sound like Im running out of breath
  19. I’m a die hard fan of MMA
  20. I would love to have a lot of kids but cant ;/
  21. I like to prove people wrong
  22. I often wish I had a magic potion for eternal life
  23. I’m scared of dieing young
  24. I  day dream of the things I’ll do when I become rich $$
  25. I always tell people if they have something on their face or teeth
  26. I give my all to any type of relationship sometimes that’s not a good thing
  27. I absolutely love hanging with people that make me laugh。◕‿◕。
  28. I always say i love you to the people i love, i really think its important to remind someone that they are loved 🙂
  29. I love ❤ chocolate but I get migraines so I eat it secretly
  30. I love to write