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As most Hispanic grandmothers my grandmother was a very active one. She took care of all her grand kids, cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. Occasionally cooking 3 different types of food to cater to everyone’s needs. She cleaned and sewed on a daily basis. She would do her own groceries weekly at our local bodega. She was very independent in all the senses of the word! Sadly age had caught up to her. Yesterday my girls and I went shopping for school supplies and my grandmother decided she would join us. So we all went together. It broke my heart that she now has to travel with a wheel chair everywhere she goes, she could barely walk because of the excruciating pain in her knees. As I helped her settle herself in the wheel chair, for the first time ever I noticed how fragile she looked and felt. I felt a knot in my throat, I wanted to weep only because she isn’t the mere image of what she was when I was a kid. She’s still is a fighter but a fragile fighter. But as delicate as she is she still manages to get this done, a lot slower but still achieves much. Abueli wont take crap from you, she will beat you with her cane if you act up (she doesn’t care how old you are) She’s still as charming and noble as ever. Lately she’s been very sick and the thought of her not being around is very haunting but nothing lasts for ever and I now passing is a natural process of life. I’m extremely blessed she was able to meet my girls and my girls are able to spend time with her. I just wish that she would last forever. Love you Abueli!!