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On Friday my husband came home and he jumped in the shower right away. He takes a hair cut every Friday and hates having all that hair on him. I decided to lay down because I didn’t feel well. As I was laying down his phone which was on the side table starting to ring. I knew it was his alarm so I didn’t get up. The girls run to the bathroom door and tell my husband someone is calling him. Nixie runs back to the table and stares at the phone (i know because Pepi told me) Frank tells Pepi who is still standing by the door, its my alarm cancel it. Pepi attempts to turn it off but is unable to figure it out so she gives up and goes into her room. Nixie knocks on my husband’s door again and he yells out “just cancel it”. Minutes later the alarm stopped and she comes in with a worried look upon her face. She kisses me and tell me “mom we need to talk” I suddenly got worried and attentively asked what the matter was. She looks at me for a bit longer and says “Mom I think daddy has a girlfriend named Cassylin” I was a bit shocked about what I was hearing so I asked for an explanation on how she came up with this conclusion. So she proceeds with her explanation, “mom right now the phone rang and it was a new sound I never heard, I told daddy that his phone was ringing and he told me “its just Cassylin” I couldn’t help but laugh. I teared up of how much I laughed. She thought that when he said “Cancel it” he meant “its Cassylin”. LOL