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My first pop kiss was in Kindergarten. It was a kid I had a huge crush on but we kiss just because. I know he didn’t see me that way. My First love was Frank. I liked him since 3rd grade the thing is that I didn’t want anyone to know. In 5th grade we had class together and I remember being happy he was in my class. On the 5 week of school I told him to meet me behind a portable after school so I could kiss him but little did he know I had a vicious trick up my sleeve. When the bell for dismissal I got so nervous I really wanted to kiss him but had already decided I would just pinch him instead. Well my emotions got going and I meet him behind the portable I told him to close his eyes and as he closed his eyes and puckered up I slapped him. Till this day I didn’t know why I did that I should of done what I felt and kissed him. For the next few days he just made fun of me. The following week I got him in trouble because he had a beeper and Two weeks after that he was transferred to another class. I hated him but in reality I liked him very much. We didn’t speak much in 6th grade but towards the end of 7th  grade we spoke a lot. I confined in him things that I never thought I did. In 8th grade about 1 month after his mother’s passing we started dating. Within a few months I lost my virginity and later got pregnant. I had a child with my first love.