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There’s an old man that comes to my office to drop off a check at least once a month. He’s the chauffeur for the company he works for and drops off checks if needed, so he’s in the road almost all day. He is the nicest person in the world. He always says hi to me and even calls me sweetheart , but there’s only one issue. He stinks 😦 Yes I know its a very mean to say but its the truth. When he comes in I try not to get too close to him but he always manages to stand next to me, I usually am very good at keeping the gag reflex under control but today I totally gagged. I felt so bad because he ran to get me water and comfort me but little did he know that his stench was the one causing it. I made up a story about me feeling bad form my stomach. I want to tell him that he smells because maybe he doesn’t realize it but how on earth do I do it. We never talk about anything its always a hi, hows your day, bye type of convo and I definitely don’t want to be mean to him.