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Ive been going to church lately and I must say its been really nice. I’m not by all means going to talk about god and only god on my page now but I will share some of the things that I learn because i think that’s the beauty of blogging , sharing!!! Last week I went and the topic was starting RUMORS.I know at one point or another we have all done this but when I heard it the way he said it, it made me think twice about ever saying something mean or starting a rumor true or not true. The pastor spoke about a lady that went to repent and she told the pastor how she had started a rumor about a certain someone. Instead of making her pray a few holy Marys he told her to go to her house, find a chicken and bring it back. The only catch was that on her way back she would pluck the chicken’s feathers.With a certain confusion the lady did as she was told. She plucked all the feathers and brought the featherless chicken to the pastor. The pastor then told her “now go back through the same way you came and find all the chicken’s feathers. The lady looked at the pastor with plain confusion. And simply replied “its impossible, all the feathers have been taken by the wind in every which direction” The pastor then said “OK you have learned your lesson, see the feathers represent the rumors you put out, you could repent and say sorry but once the rumors are out there’s nothing you could do to take it back.”