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Disactivating your Facebook…ahhh so many have done it not once but many times. for me its whenever I need a break from everyone and everything, its kind of like going on vacation. I’ve even vowed to myself I would not return but I have no idea why I cant just stay away. The most I’ve ever had my Facebook disactivated was 1 week.Yes I know that nothing but I just cant stop myself. I have so many things on my plate but somehow always seem to make time for it. Ive now been without it for 5 days, LOL that kinda sounds like recovering addict’s line. Anyways It’s been a few days and I’m already itching to get back. I wonder why?? Does it have some type of subliminal that makes people become addicted?? Is it the interaction I have with people without really leaving the comfort of my chair? Is it mainly for entertainment purposes?