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Today I read an entry on someone’s blog about building walls, I couldn’t help to think that we all do this from time to time. We build walls to keep people from hurting us, from really knowing our true emotions and it all leads back to the same thing, hurt. We try to avoid getting hurt. they say that you must give your heart and risk getting hurt, just trust the person wont do what you fear most. What happens when you have and you’ve gotten hurt? Yes you guessed it, you make the next person pay for the hurt the last person made you endure. We become obsessed on proving that they are all the same. And I’m not only talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend, but also friends. Its hard to do but at some point you have to decided on not being this way, on putting yourself out there but in a conscious matter, quick playing games and just go with what feels right. if you must do all the impossible things to make things work but of course don’t let them run over you either. Open up but with a certain armor at hand.