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My grandfather had a minor stroke a few weeks back that left him unable to walk properly and no smoking under his doctor’s orders. He was a man that used up most of his day either reading,watching T.V smoking or simply walking around.  Now he is condemned to be home 24/7 and lets just say its taking a toll on him. He is becoming angry and acting up. My moms does her best to take him out but he just wants to walk around like he did before. He is getting really old and it hurts me to see him like that. I know he will eventually die and I want my girls to spend time with him but it seems quite impossible when he all he does is fight with them when they are around. I wonder what goes through his head, Ive tried the nice approached, explained how I want to spend time with him because I love him and it didn’t work. When I tried telling him that I want the girls to see him more before he dies he just got angrier and sent me to hell. I really have no idea how to make this work but I honestly don’t have the patience to deal with him in this state. My kids and work use up all the patience I have to offer.