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This past Sunday my girls started Sunday School at our local church. I think it’s important that they know about God, right now they are being raised little  animals, that is with no spiritual guidance. Well on Saturday as im getting their things ready for Sunday I ask my little one if she’s ready to learn about GOD. She looks atr me and says “Mom I know everything there is to know about God”. As always i was curious to fond out what she thought ‘everything” is. So I sit down with her and ask her “so what is it that you know about God?” She says ‘Mom really I dont have to tell you” while pointing her head “because its all in here deep in here”. I couldnt help but laugh and ask” what exactly is it?” She says ” he is God and he wants you to be happy and pray to him all the time and if you behave good he will behave good with you”.