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I have a major issue with this, see I was raised in an Era where if you so much as open your mouth to begin to talk back to your parents you would get a beat down. I wasn’t raised  by my mother alone but my grandmother as well. She is or was a little old school. She would hit us with whatever she had in her hands if we misbehaved and we knew better than to disrespect her. And we NEVER even dared to say we would call the cops on her because we knew if we did when she got out she would hunt us down and gave us the biggest beat down of life. Now lets get something straight She never abused any of us but did give us spankings for behaving badly. Now that I look back I’m who I am today because she kept us on check. So in my opinion no matter what you can ever disrespect your parents, that a big NO NO!! I see kids now a days and the way they talk to their parents and it makes me sick how submissive theses parents are. They let their children walk all over them, kids need discipline and a good spanking if needed. But i am not Ok with abusing your child or taking anger out on them.