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At what point does someone really realize it time to grow up, its time to leave all the games and just live life the right way?? When do you feel like its time? For me it came a little bit over a year, I know it’s a tad early to think like that I should be “enjoying life”but I started young too so my priorities have to be a little more in perspective than an average 26-year-old. My daughter is 11 years old she is growing fast and I feel I should be the best example for her. I also feel its time I stopped with all the childish bullshit and lady balls and get to it. Whatever that “it” might be, I need to get going. I look at other mothers and they have things together and then I look at me and I’m quite a mess. I’m currently working on bettering all the aspects of my..association, friends, religion, partner, attitude, work etc. I know its hard to change and leave all the habits behind but I hope I could finally get to where I thought I would be a long time ago. Wish me luck!!